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It goes without saying that in May 2020, things feel uncertain.

Covid-19 has appeared to disturb the globe, and it’s impacting everyone. We’re all supposed to stay home unless we’re doing something essential, which means, for the most part, we’re comforting ourselves by wearing loungewear and activewear.

To distract ourselves from the current reality, and for our own mental wellbeing (and positive sanity!) it is critical that we invest in ourselves and do the things which make us feel good. Think daily routine: get up; shower; put your make up on; do your hair; and get dressed into some pretty clothes (by ‘pretty’ we mean floaty but chic…non loungewear/activewear), and ‘accessorise’ your outfit with some statement pieces. Even if you choose some clothes and accessories you’ve had in your wardrobe a while but have never worn for one reason or another…dig them and get them on. You will feel better for it. And if you put them on and decide you don’t like them…give them to charity and replace with new ‘on trend’ items. Squeezing into old Lycra / tight fitting clothing (big mistake alert) is not how you will rock these lockdown days and be at your happiest and most creative best…we’ve all tried it…and it’s ended in tears!

So, back to the routine…once you’re up, dressed and ready to rock your lockdown day, make sure you spend an hour of your day doing something creative which makes you happy: sing, dance; paint; run; exercise; bake; cook; create; build; sort; volunteer; infact ,the list is endless…the important thing is to do something YOU enjoy doing. The investment here is in yourself and your wellbeing.

So if it’s not Lycra, what do we wear? Well the lockdown fashion essentials at CouCou Belle consist of relaxed, comfortable, soft, and pretty, lines. Think floaty dresses with pretty detail, drawstring tassels and loose designs full of style and chic. That’s us. If you would like any advise on the styles and designs that would best suit your body type, drop us a line. We offer a really flexible and tailored customer service to ensure you only buy items which make you look and feel great.

Fashion aside, there is no doubt that this period of uncertainty has given us all the time and space to reflect and re-prioritise what is important in life. Is there anything more important that the happiness and health of you and your loved ones? Invest time in these relationships and remember to also invest time in yourself to ensure that you look and feel great so you’re able to be the best version of yourself. Your happiness will then radiate and spread into the lives of all of those around you…and it seems that what the world needs right now, more than ever before, is love and happiness.

We are keen to hear from our followers…how are you rocking the lockdown fashion? What are your reflections and learnings from this period of lockdown and uncertainty?

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