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So today we are going to be looking at the juicy apple-shaped ladies amongst us…

Apple-shaped ladies carry the majority of weight in the upper half of the body. Normally, the chest and arms are somewhat larger than the hips, and apples tend to have a full & rounded belly.

If you are an apple-shaped beauty you are in very good company, think Adele, Mariah Carey, Tyra Banks, Jennifer Hudson and Angelina Jolie.

Please see below tips to help the juicy apples look and feel fabulous…

Styling tips for apple-shaped beauties

  • Your legs are likely to be your best asset – show them off! Draw attention to them by wearing short skirts and shorts.
  • Belts (fastened at the side) help to define the waistline if positioned just under the bust of apple-shaped ladies (usually the narrowest part)
  • Longline jackets that button up just below the bust – one button is perfect!
  • Wearing a one-piece swimsuit will flatter an apple
  • Add width to your lower half by wearing stripes – this will create a more ‘balanced silhouette.
  • Wear a low cut neckline and draw attention upwards away from your stomach.
  • Flared & bootleg trousers help to balance out broad shoulders.
  • Straight cut/bootleg high waisted jeans and jeggings (with support for that extra clinch) help to smooth the silhouette.
  • Layers can help to diminish tummy bulk – wear cardigans and jackets over slouchy tops.

Styles to avoid

  • Halter-neck tops/dresses. These generate perceived extra broadness to the shoulder area.
  • Tight tops – for obvious reasons. The less cling the better.
  • Baggy, oversized trousers/jeans – don’t hide your best features apples!
  • Very tight trousers and leggings – these overemphasise the legs and as a consequence, create muffin tops and/or make your tummy seem bigger.
  • Trousers with ruching or pleats at the waist.

So voila lovely ladies…go forth and feel fabulous!

CouCou Belle x

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